Thank You…

by Gale on January 16, 2013

Tom O'Halloran
Sometimes in life, we need a little inspiration, motivation, that one moment that moves us deeply.

The angels have helped me greatly in this area, providing insight and encouragement for any number of issues in my life and in the lives around me. As a result of these angelic interactions, inspirational quotes began to filter into my thoughts, my interactions with others, my very life.

Sometimes these words came in response to another’s joy or pain. Sometimes these words were meant for me. Other times, this angelic love inspired me to step outside myself, look around and write about the beauty within the world and the love we all share.

After many kind words from people across the globe, I knew I needed to make these moments if inspiration more readily available to all. It is but a tiny contribution to the many beautiful deeds the angels shower upon me every day. It is the least I can do knowing……. Angels Are Busy

Tom O'Halloran